25 Wholesome Christmas Snacks and Celebration Meals


Adding Christmas cheer to snacks and party foods for kids can be simple and fast- and not filled with sugar! Just the way you plate up raw vegetables or a tray of fruit can elevate ordinary fruits and vegetables to merry morsels.  We have 25 ideas for healthy holiday themed snacks and party foods that your kids are going to love!

25  Healthy and Fun Christmas Food Ideas that you and your kids can enjoy as you celebrate the season:

All you need are mini marshmallows, strawberries, banana slices, and green grapes to make a festive, fun, and simple snack that’s ready in minutes!

Grinch heads made with a grape, banana slice and strawberry topped with a marshmallow.

Just 4 ingredients is all you need for this refreshing holiday snack. Best part? It’ll stay fresh in the freezer for a ready-to-go snack all month long!

Tray of frozen yogurt topped with kiwi, strawberries and dried cranberries.

Simple cookie cutters elevate an every day sandwich into a fun winterland meal!

Who wouldn’t love to be presented with this refreshing and lovely holiday hued smoothie?

Jar Mug with a green, white and red layered smoothie topped with strawberries and a red and white strawVia My Kids Lick the Bowl

Classic ants on a log gets a makeover in these cute little Rudolph snacks that your little elves can help assemble!

celery stick with peanut butter or nutella topped with a cranberry for a nose and pretzels for antlers on a holiday platevia Natural Beach Living

Vegetable Christmas Tree

Serve up your raw veggies tray the Christmas way.  Use broccoli florets to make a Christmas tree shape and add grape or cherry tomatoes as ornaments. You can also add strips of yellow pepper as strands of lights. Cut a star shape from yellow bell pepper to use on the top of your tree.  Use a handful of pretzel sticks (or a piece of a celery stalk) as your tree trunk.  Finally, add a touch of cauliflower florets as snow under the tree.  What a fun way to present after school snack or your raw vegetable assortment for a class party.

broccoli and tomatoes in the shape of a Christmas tree on a white serving plattervia Fancy Edibles

These gingerbread cookies are a healthy version of a Christmas favorite.  Kids love Christmas cookies, so isn’t it great to have a healthier version of a favorite available?

Delicious homemade gingerbread cookies on plate, closeup

These little trees couldn’t be easier. Try them as a fun holiday lunch idea!

tortillas cut in quarters topped with mashed avocado and cherry tomatoesvia Healthy Little Foodies

Make these adorable Rudolph crackers with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

Crackers topped with peanut butter and antlers made of pretzels and a red candy nosevia Bento Lunch

Adorable little penguins make the perfect chilly treat!

Banana half dipped in chocolate to look like a penguinvia Reading Confetti

All the flavor of gingerbread in a light and healthy snack!

Popcorn in a holiday bowl in front of a fireplacevia Real Food Real Deals

A Laughing Cow triangle serves as the perfect tree topped with fresh veggies.  It’s fast, delicious, festive, and the kids will love it.

Triangle shaped tree topped with veggie ornaments on a holiday plate

Leave the cheese stick in its plastic wrapper, and tape on a construction paper hat. Use sharpies to make the face and buttons, and tie a strip of material around the “neck” for a scarf.

String cheese with snowman decorations made of papervia No Biggie

You can whip these up in no time to have a fun and healthy snack ready to go when the kids take a break from playing in the snow.

ball shaped treats rolled in coconut on a plate with a blue napkin


Watermelon is naturally holiday-hued, making it the perfect Christmas snack!

Watermelon cut into wedges to look like christmas trees topped with yogurt and mini chocolate chipsvia Feeding Finn

Alternate rows of cheese cubes and grape or cherry tomatoes to form the shape of a Christmas tree with lights, and add a cheese or yellow bell pepper star for the top.  A pretzel stick trunk completes the tree.

cheese cubes and cherry tomatoes shaped into a christmas treevia Good Food Buzz

Make individual trees using green apple slices as the branches, raspberries, blueberries, raisins, cranberries, or halved purple grapes as the ornaments, a slice of cheese cut into the shape of a star as the top of the tree, and pretzel sticks placed together as the trunk.

christmas tree made of apple slices with a star made of cheesevia 360 Family Nutrition

Step aside, Christmas cookies! Pull out the pizza ingredients and have the kids go to town decorating their own pizza trees.

mini pizzas shaped like trees on a wooden cutting boardvia Healthy Family Project

Use a triangle of cheese, small pieces of olives, a circle of red bell pepper, and pretzel twists to turn ordinary snack foods into Rudolph.

white triangle cheese with pretzel antlers on a white plate with a green background

Make a Santa hat by placing a hulled strawberry, with the very tip of the strawberry dipped into yogurt, onto a thick slice of banana.

santa hats made with strawberries and bananasvia Feeding Finn

Creamy, savory roll ups shaped into little Christmas trees that kids and grown ups will both love!

Tortillas rolled up and sliced into triangles that look like trees

Using a small, clear plastic cup, add eyes and a mouth with a black sharpie, glue on a carrot nose using orange construction paper or draw it on with an orange sharpie, and glue (or draw) on a ribbon as the scarf.  Fill the cup with popcorn for a snowman snack.

clear cups with a snowman face drawn on it filled with popcorn and tied with a ribbon

Healthy Holiday Snack Mix with cereal, dried cranberries, pistachios, almonds and coconut! Yum! 

snack mix with cereal squares, dried cranberries and nuts

Core an apple and slice to make apple rings.  Spread a layer of peanut butter and top with cookies, blueberries and pretzels for a wholesome and adorable reindeer treat.

Apple slices topped with peanut butter, cookies and pretzels to resemble reindeer on a baking sheet

Use a round platter with a bowl in the middle to design your veggies to look like a beautiful holiday wreath.

broccoli wreath super healthy kids

Adding Christmas touches to healthy snacks can be simple and quick while inspiring great feelings of holiday merriment and joy!