Bronchial asthma Mudra: Work, Strategy, Advantages

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Asthma is the most common breathing disorder that affects people regardless of their age group. It includes both physical and psychological factors. Environmental, emotional, and viral infections can equally trigger asthma attacks.

Asthma Mudra, as the name suggests, serves as an aid to all asthmatics and survivors. It removes the impurities in our nadis, clears any clogging of the lungs and thus better eases the respiratory system in asthma.

However, hasta mudras such as Pushan, Bronchial, Varun, Uttarabodhi, and Ling mudra are equally beneficial for respiratory diseases, but asthma mudra is most beneficial for asthma.

Asthma Mudra is practiced with both hands; Bring your palms closer and flex your middle fingers to connect your fingernails together. Keep all other fingers stretched out and slightly apart.

This post is prepared to reveal the modes of action and benefits of asthma mudra that you have been looking for for better health.

Working from Asthma Mudra

According to Ayurveda, an increased intake of Vata and Kapha restricts the airways. It disrupts the flow of air in the lungs and makes breathing difficult.

For this purpose, Asthma Mudra is performed by pressing the fingernails of the middle fingers against each other.

The middle fingers represent the Akash element (space or ether). This space is present in the tubes and the duct in the body, viz. Energy channels (nadis), blood or lymph vessels, etc.

Asthma Mudra promotes the work of the nadis by releasing these passages and allowing the flow of prana. It also stimulates the root of the middle fingers, which are connected to the lungs, bronchi and chest.

It helps in expanding the lungs and clearing them of infection. This relieves the blockages in the airways that prevent or even cure asthma attacks.

How to do asthma mudra

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  1. Sit in a relaxed position with your spine and head upright.
  2. Bring both hands closer, with both palms facing each other and with all fingers extended.
  3. Flex the top halves of your middle fingers and press both fingernails together.
  4. You can hold your wrists and middle fingernails together while stretching your palms and all fingers and keeping them slightly apart.
  5. As you squeeze your fingernails, feel a deep stretch at the base of your middle fingers.
  6. Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply through the nostrils that hold the mudra.
  • The doctor must hold the asthma mudra for 15 minutes in one session.
  • Alternatively, you can practice it 3-5 times a day.


  • Follow a strict diet plan when practicing asthma mudra.
  • Consume only the fresh satvik food, including ginger, clove, and turmeric to help boost immunity.
  • Limit the consumption of meat, eggs, wheat, milk, dairy products, chilled, acidic or canned foods.
  • Prohibit smoking habits.
  • Avoid harsh environmental conditions or eating habits that irritate the lungs or windpipe.
  • Avoid using antibiotics.
  • Do not breathe through your mouth, especially in winter.

Tips to improve practice

  • The combination of Ujjayi Pranayama, Anulom-Vilom, Nadi Shodhana and Kapalbhati along with Asthma Mudra helps in opening the nasal passage.
  • Include some yoga poses while holding this mudra that allows for muscle opening.
  • Practicing Shavasana with asthma mudra leaves calming effects on parasympathetic nerves.
  • Also, practice bronchial, prithvi, linga and surya mudra along with the asthma mudra for quick asthma relief effects.

Asthma Mudra Benefits

1. Improves the respiratory system

Asthma Mudra activates the points on the palms and fingers that correspond to the lungs and chest. Breathing is improved by opening the chest and widening the lungs.

Hence, asthma mudra is also known as the mudra for shortness of breath.

2. Prevents asthma attacks

The activation of points in the middle fingers relaxes the respiratory muscles. It reduces the symptoms of asthma or difficult breathing. This prevents asthma attacks.

3. Eliminates blockages

Asthma Mudra has a relaxing effect on the bronchi. It helps in eliminating all the bad toxins. It removes the mucus or blockage and makes it easier for prana to flow in and out.


Asthma Mudra is simple and less time consuming compared to its results. Therefore, practicing is beneficial in all aspects. It balances the Vata and Kapha doshas in the body.

Hence, it is a must to try Hasta Mudra to experience healing effects for chronic breathing disorders. Asthma Mudra actually works as mudra therapy for curing asthma.

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