CBD and Meditation – Can It Enhance Your Follow?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a somewhat controversial wellness product in recent years, especially when used for meditation. When CBD oil and hemp oils are used on a larger scale, it turns out that there are many benefits to using these supplements to enhance meditation. If you've struggled with anxiety, restlessness, or pain, or haven't been able to establish a meditation practice, CBD can be of great help. If you felt unsafe or intimidated about using hemp oils, this guide provides an overview of what CBD is and how it is used for mindfulness practices.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the 113 potentially useful compounds in the hemp plant. When people think about using hemp or CBD oil, they are often confused about marijuana and it is the THC compound that gets you high. CBD oils don't have the same negative side effects of THC such as hyperactivity, spatial and verbal impairment, short-term memory loss, and paranoia.

It's understandable if you're a little hesitant about trying CBD oil but know that it's something completely different from THC. Instead of running the risk of becoming paranoid and anxious, CBD oil can be very beneficial to meditation due to its balancing and stress relieving effects on the mind and body.

Can You Get Hemp Oil High?

CBD is not intoxicating, but there are some types of hemp oil that contain a small amount of THC. According to federal regulations, hemp oil does not have to contain more than 0.3% THC. Hemp oil is found in either isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum extracts. Full spectrum means that all of the plant compounds are retained in the final product, and this means that there is likely a small amount of THC present. If you are extremely sensitive you will want to use a broad spectrum or isolate that does not contain THC at all.

Why should you use CBD oil for meditation?

We understand and support the argument that students should avoid “external substances” in order to meditate. Yes, using CBD can be viewed as a crutch, but there are many positive reasons to use hemp oil for your meditation. Many of these benefits are similar to using CBD for yoga, but there are also specific benefits related to meditation. CBD works slowly with your endocannabinoid system and it can take several weeks or months for you to notice the benefits. The four main advantages are:

  • Increased ability to concentrate. This is especially important when you start practicing and want to extend your meditation practice time. CBD oil has been shown to improve concentration, focus, and alertness. This, in turn, allows your mind to withstand random thoughts and allows you to sit for longer periods of time with less distraction.
  • Stabilizes and improves your mood. Meditation is about peace of mind and making you feel rested and positive. CBD oil helps you stay calm and improves the production of serotonin in your brain. A better mood means a longer meditation time. Meditation, like anything else, is a skill, and the more you can do, the better your mindfulness practice will become.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety. When your mind is full of worry and fear, it will be very difficult to sit still and enjoy 10 minutes of silence. There is growing scientific evidence that CBD can help relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. One study showed the ability of CBD to reduce PTSD-induced anxiety. Having a calm mind at the beginning of your meditation will make your practice more successful.
  • Reduced pain and sore muscles. If you have a disability, chronic pain, or limited range of motion, CBD oil has been shown to relieve pain. Yoga and meditation have short- and long-term benefits in chronic pain conditions. Hemp oil can help relax tense muscles and reduce inflammation, improving your freedom of movement for yoga and your ability to sit still for your meditative practice.

How to use CBD oil for meditation

There are several ways to include hemp oil in your meditation. You may feel the calming and focusing effects immediately or it may take 15-60 minutes. So plan your dosage based on your response. There are three main ways to take CBD:

  1. Oral intake of CBD before exercise. Before swallowing, place a dropper of a CBD tincture (or other recommended amount) under your tongue for 60 seconds. CBDfx, maker of CBD oil tinctures, recommends starting with a small amount (1/4 to a full pipette) and gradually increasing it until you find your perfect serving.
  2. Add hemp oil to your morning smoothie or add some tea to it. When used in tea, it can be sipped slowly during your yoga practice. When you are ready to meditate, your body is relaxed and ready.
  3. Adding oil to your skin care regimen. Adding hemp oil to your favorite hand cream and then applying it to your hands, neck, and chest before you begin can help you with your meditation. You can add the oils to your favorite creams yourself or choose products that are fortified with hemp. Make sure to test new skin products on small patches of skin and wait 12 hours for allergic reactions.

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