Chinese language gambling firm buys cryptocurrency agency that owns – Area Title Wire


The company, which generated just $1.4 million last quarter, has a billion dollar market cap., a Chinese gambling company, is acquiring Blockchain Alliance Technologies Holding Company, the company announced today.

Blockchain Alliance owns the valuable domain name. The deal includes:

the transfer to the Company of the entire mining pool business of Bitdeer Technologies Holding Company (“BitDeer”) operated under, including the domain name and the cryptocurrency wallet of (collectively, the “ Pool Businesses”). is publicly traded on the NYSE with a market cap of around $1 billion, and its share price rocketed up today.

Seem like a healthy valuation for a company that generated just $1.4 million in revenue in its latest quarter? Well, shares were trading for about 1/1oth of their current price until this year, at which point the company started getting involved with cryptocurrency. To the moon!

Like many Chinese company domains, doesn’t resolve unless you add the www. in front.