Drawback Playing criticises Six60 for showing on scratchie


Is having a popular New Zealand band on a scratchie morally wrong?

Six60 have done a deal with Instant Kiwi to have their own $3 scratchie.

Critics say that the scratchie promotes problem gambling, especially to a younger audience, but the band say they did it so that the profits will go to multiple charities.

Problem Gambling Foundation spokesperson Andree Fraude told Mike Hosking that while pokie machines are the most harmful form of gambling, scratchie cards are age restricted as they are more harmful than other forms – as they are a continuous form of gambling that delivers an instant result. 

Fraude agrees they are doing this for charitable reasons. 

“It is disappointing to see they chose a gamblin product to raise money for these causes when it is such a significant social issue in New Zealand.”

She says their faces on the tickets could normalise gambling for people, and they could have chosen another way to donate money to charity.

Fraude says people cannot be blamed for gambling, as it is an addiction for many people. 

“It’s not about pointing the finger at people, it’s about considering the product.”