First impressions from Reside! On line casino Philadelphia patrons


Hours before the whoop-de-do of a formal tape cutting for Living! Philadelphia CasinoI tried to measure customer reactions. Not to sports icons Dr. J., Ron Jaworski, and Charlie Manuel Cut a ribbon, however, to the casino itself and its amenities.

Ratings were mostly good, but Philly-style most speakers wanted a little more time before making a final commitment.

Living! Philadelphia Casino Ribbon Ceremony. Julius Erving, Ron Jaworski and Charlie Manuel are here. So is the Phanatic.

– Katie Kohler (@ kkohler1129) February 12, 2021

"Too early" to be judged

"It's too early to judge," said one clerk in genuine Philly skepticism when he caught smoke in the parking garage.

After another drag and thought, he added, "But it looks like they're catching up with Atlantic City," referring to the cluster of aging casino properties 58 miles east.

The former employee of the in-town competitor Rivers Casino Philadelphia in the Fishtownwhich is about six miles from the Stadium district where to live! lies, said he got "a small raise" when he moved.

But he added, the job at Live! and the patrons like the sparkling new decor.

Clean and friendly

Robert Berry of Runnemede, one of those South Jersey suburbs in Philly's attraction, was dressed in a lightweight Phillies baseball jacket despite the cold spinning at a slot machine.

Berry was down – maybe $ 500 – but still happy with Live !, a comfortable ride to one cleaner and friendlier Place than where he had mostly gone before. Still, he wished it was baseball season, his favorite past over slots.

View of a rated player on Live!

Bill and Shirley are high-end players. While he sometimes plays craps, it is their slot machine time that has earned their status.

When they lived in the middle of New Jersey, that meant that Wind Creek Casino in the Bethlehem.

But when they moved to Wayne in the Philly suburbs, they emigrated to Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, where they are treated like royalty as they sometimes lose $ 10,000 overnight.

They view this level of play as entertainment rather than gambling, knowing that the odds are always in the house's favor. In return, they get Food, drinks, concerts – something they missed during the COVID-19 precautions.

While Live! As soon as it was open, they have already stayed in a Comped Suite repeatedly. He's a specialist engineer so he can work on his laptop from his suite while his wife plays.

Do you need more amenities for rated players on Live!

First and foremost, there aren't any disused lounge area especially for rated players, where they can get food or drink quickly without standing in line.

They are used to getting a ton of top quality wines from the Hard Rock reward shop. Instead, with Live! Stand in line to buy a glass of wine.

The Prime RibThe top restaurant from Live! Hasn't opened yet, so there aren't any composed meals there yet.

They like the one from Live! But he "doesn't have all the tools" his host has available in AC, Bill said.

"It's a learning curve. They're not good yet," he added.

Shirley likes the community they developed in Atlantic City among other similar levels of gamers.

"It's a culture," she said, pushing a slit button.

Everything you need to know about the new Live! casino

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