Hatha Yoga which means and its two parts "Ha" & "Tha"


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The true essence of Hatha Yoga lies in understanding the two main components; "Ha" and "Tha". According to yoga science, hatha yoga was derived by combining two words "ha" and "tha". where "Ha" refers to the sun and "Tha" to the moon.

The terms "Ha" and "Tha" have completely opposite energies, since solar energy is seen as male and moon energy as female. So the word "Hatha" represents the dual and balanced nature of the universe in which both strong and weak or positive and negative energies coexist.


In order to understand the meaning of Hatha Yoga in relation to "Ha" and "Tha", you must first assess your own being.

Human life is made up of two forces; One is the active force and the other is the passive force. Active powers encourage us to take on difficult challenges in life and successfully master them with a lot of effort, while passive powers require us to be calm and serene in certain situations. In situations like this, we need to remain humble and grounded. Ultimately, in order to live a healthy and prosperous life, you need to balance these violent and gentle forces.

Similarly, "Ha" is the active energy, which is almost the same as the dynamic energy of the sun. Without the sun, the universe will definitely collapse as the sun is the entire source of energy. But imagine a world where the sun never sets. How will living things exist if such things ever happen?

In order to keep a balance, the feminine energy is needed to calm the sharpness of the sun. This energy is defined as "Tha", the moon.

Moonlight relaxes and cools the earth in a balanced way. So "Ha" and "Tha" represent the polarity of our life in which we not only understand the existence of two opposing forces in our life, but also accept the union of these forces in order to fully manifest a healthy life.

So Hatha Yoga is a practice of balancing and uniting the opposing forces in a human body. By balancing opposing energies we can control the fluctuations of our mind (Chitta vritti in yogic language) and build stability in a manifested world.

Other forms of "Ha" and "Tha"

"Ha" and "Tha" do not exactly mean sun and moon, but the representation of opposite energies. In another tradition these energies are known as;

  • Yang and Yin – In Taoism (Chinese philosophy)
  • Purusha and Prakruti – In Samkhya philosophy
  • Shiva and Shakti – In Tantra
  • Energy and Matter – In Physics
  • Pingala and Ida Nadi – In Hatha Yoga

Lord Shiva – true representative of "Ha" and "Tha"

Lord Shiva's family shows the opposite energy

Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi himself, is a true representative of "Ha" and "Tha", where he carries the two extremely opposing forces in a balanced way. We can understand better if we really analyze what Lord Shiva is wearing on his body.

  • At the top of Shiva's head he carries the Ganga river, which flows calmly and represents the serenity of nature. At the same time he has his fierce third eye on his forehead, which represents the fiery energy in him.
    • Here Shiva wears both "Ha" and "Tha" in the form of calm and impetus, which means the union of two opposing energies.
  • Likewise, he has poison in his throat, why his color seems blue, and at the same time he keeps the moon on his head. The moon again represents the feminine energy and in Sanskrit the moon has the symmetry with the nectar.
    • Hence, both poison and nectar (which represent Ha and Tha) coexist to maintain harmony in the universe.
  • As we all know, Lord Shiva has no worldly joys. At the same time, he represents a family member with his wife Parvati and their two sons Ganesh and Kartikeya. The two opposing energies are always together to create a harmony between a renouncer (yogi) and a homeowner.
  • He also holds a snake, which is again the prey of the peacock, the cart of his son Kartikeya.

But everything goes with the greatest harmony; This is the real substance of "Ha" and "Tha" that works within one human life and throughout the universe.

Two components of hatha yoga

Yoga is not just about making different postures in a controlled manner, but it is a practice that helps us to accept and balance the diversity and duality of our ideas and thoughts. By practicing Hatha Yoga, a person can have control over the opposing forces that are working simultaneously in the human body.

Every human life has two different energies, and if we do not harmonize the forces, this can lead to the destruction of life by disturbing inner peace and happiness. Thus, with the practice of Hatha Yoga, a balance between the two components “Ha” and “Tha” can be successfully achieved.

Sometimes the physical energies (Prana Shakti) in a person are high and the mental energies (Manas Shakti) are low in the same person. Likewise, another person may be the strongest on a mental level but not have sufficient physical strength to perform all of the activities in daily life. But with the practice of Hatha Yoga, these two energies (active and passive energy) can be harmonized. This is the true essence of the two integrants "Ha" and "Tha" in one of the most effective yoga practices; H. Hatha Yoga.

Balance opposites through Hatha Yoga

Hatha yogis understand the nature of the mind from the beginning and know how difficult it is to control thought patterns of the mind. Hatha Yoga ultimately leads to Raja Yoga but is comparatively easy for a yogi as it starts with something gross that we can identify with, i.e. H. With our body.

The word "Hatha" is derived from the root term "hat", which means "power". It is therefore a "powerful" form of yoga whose dynamic techniques have powerful effects.

Since physical stillness is at the core of a person, hatha yoga practices initially aim to bring movement into the body, i.e. H. Eliminate the Tamas quality. By bringing movement into the body, only one can know the true nature of the body. Hence, all practices of Hatha Yoga are intended to achieve a state of balance between stillness and movement.

Hatha Yoga Practices

Hatha Yoga consists mainly of four exercises;

  • Asana – The posture
  • Shatkarma and Pranayama – cleansing and breathing techniques
  • Mudra and Bandha – gestures and body locks
  • Samadhi

Imagine a person who has body aches like a spine problem or back pain. he
I definitely can't focus on anything beyond body ache. All his
Aspirations simply disappear until he dwells in his painful physical being. Likewise, nothing seems worthy of going through depression; not even life itself. During depression, a person does not seem to have the motivation or physical strength to perform all of the daily activities. In order to bring body and mind into harmony, Hatha Yoga comes to the rescue.

Postures (asanas), with regular practice, help heal certain types of spinal problems or body aches. For example, a person who practices "Dhanurasana" (bow pose) allows himself to build stronger and flexible back muscles. At the same time, this posture improves blood circulation. The bow pose relieves stress, cures constipation, and helps improve the functions of the liver, pancreas, small intestine, and large intestine. This particular Hatha Yoga practice balances both the physical and the spiritual harmony of the body.

When a person meditates deeply, the energy level goes up
Direction. Meditation heals a person spiritually and spiritually; it clears the
Mind, calms the anxiety and stress to a great extent.

With controlled breathing techniques or pranayam like “Nadi
Shodhana, ”a person can bring their thoughts back to the present. Regular
Practicing this breathing technique can help keep the mind calm and calm
peaceful. It also helps relieve tension and body fatigue.

So by practicing all aspects of Hatha Yoga, you can achieve this balanced approach to your physical and mental wellbeing.


The universe is shaped in such a way that both positive and negative forces must run side by side. Both violent and gentle forces are required for the proper functioning of the universe. One is incomplete without the other; therefore “Ha” and “Tha” complement each other. The sun is just as needed as the moon to establish this balance in the universe. When they function properly balanced together, only human life can thrive on earth.

Hatha yoga is the most important part of yoga practice that shows how important harmony is in a person's life. When one type of energy predominates over a particular person, it can be driven on the path of destruction. The balanced approach of Hatha Yoga thus unites both Ha and Tha and converts the energy into the proper functioning of the entire mass.