Italian gambling in protest in opposition to excessive lockdown enforcement measures


Workers in the hotly contested gambling sector in Italy agree to make a new government heard, calling for companies to be given clarity on their extended COVID-19 suspensions.

Association under the banner "Legal Gaming WorkersEmployees of Italian licensed gambling companies will hold joint public protests near Milan Piazza del Duomo and Rome Piazza del Popolo on February 18th.

The Milan and Rome protest was endorsed by all Italian gaming associations and unions, underscoring that prolonged arcade closings have affected the livelihoods of 150,000 industrial workers and an additional 400,000 family incomes.

Organizers called for a protest as Italian gaming venues and betting shops were closed for close to a full year in most Italian provinces and enforced as federal regulation.

The protesters will demand that the government change its enforcement rules immediately so that betting shops and venues can reopen in Italy.covid-mild yellow zoneRegions.

The protest is reported to be supported by over 170 affected businesses, including bingo halls, betting shops, arcades, bars and equipment suppliers, who have faced venues reopening for months without a government update.

In their statement, Legal Gaming Workers stated that they would be holding a "worthy protest for the workers of licensed gaming facilities, a sector that raises € 4.5 billion in taxes annually," which should be recognized as the "last defense against" the black market ".

The announcement of the protest coincides with Parliament's vote this week to approve the formation of a new coalition government led by the former ECB president Mario Draghi.

Italian banks and corporations are bringing much-needed stability in uncertain times, waiting to see how Draghi will work out the spending plans for the EU-guaranteed € 250 billion Italian aid package – an obligation to divide Italy's last coalition government.