Ivey Promotes Jail Plan and Pushes Clear Playing Debate Newest Headlines


“Despite everything that was thrown at us, the Alabamians stayed grounded and maintained our resolve. You never gave up. And while COVID-19 has proven itself to be a worthy opponent regardless of class, race, or gender, the disease has shown us how much more we can achieve when we work together, "Ivey said.

Ivey supported three GOP-backed laws that are expected to hit the fast lane in the first two weeks of the legislature, including a law to exempt coronavirus aid funds from state income tax.

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“After all, this money should help the people until the economy recovers. It was never intended as an opportunity to add to the state's bank account, ”Ivey said.

Another bill would protect companies, medical providers and others from certain civil harms caused by virus-related lawsuits. The third bill would renew the state's industrial incentives.

The governor thanked the teachers for their work during a challenging school year and proposed a 2% pay increase for educators and government employees.

One of the most controversial pieces of legislation at this session is a bill authorizing a public vote on a state lottery and casinos. Senator Del Marsh said Tuesday he hoped to get the legislation in place as soon as possible. Marsh said his proposal would drive lottery proceeds for college scholarships and other gaming revenues for the expansion of high-speed internet in the state.