January giveaway: Kulae yoga mat, towel and statue

We teamed up with our friends in Kulae to win this month's yoga contest prize. For the month of January, a YogaBasics reader has the chance to win a Kulae yoga mat, mat towel and Ganesh statue!

About Kulae:

Kulae values ​​sustainability, community, karma and unity. They believe that karma is real and want to build a more positive world where yoga can really be for everyone without putting a strain on our planet. Kulae has a dual mission to provide the most stylish, environmentally friendly yoga equipment in the world and to help bring communities together through yoga and good karma. Please take a moment and visit the website to see the full range of yoga mats, towels and clothing on offer.

About the price:

The tpECOmat Plus (5 mm) yoga mat from Kulae is four inches longer than a standard yoga mat and was developed for all types of yoga. It was made with closed-cell technology, which means germs, bacteria and odors cannot penetrate the mat surface – you and your mat remain safe, sterile and smelly-free! With a thickness of 5 mm and a weight of less than 1.13 kg, this is the most versatile of their tpECOmat collection.

The extra long Kulae Yoga Towel is specially designed to provide superior support and traction and to ensure correct positioning on your mat without slipping. It is made of elastic and non-fading, super absorbent, antibacterial microfiber. It's latex free, 100% recyclable, and completely machine washable.

Kulae's baby Ganesh statue is carved from antique brass and stands just over an inch tall. Ganesh is the Hindu god of prosperity and happiness and the removal of obstacles and evils. This elephant-headed Hindu god, even with his pocket-sized stature, brings an abundance of blessings, joy and success.

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