Mahasir's Mudra: Which means, Process, Advantages

Mahasir's mudra is an exercise that will save you a lot of money on your pain relievers.

Either you suffer from sinuses, recurring migraines, or regular eye strain. You can always count on this reliable and soothing gesture called Mahasir's Mudra.

The Mahasir hand gesture is very easy to do; Connect the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger and bend the ring finger towards the base of the thumb. Just let your little finger stretch freely.

Learn about all of the soothing effects of Mahasir's mudra and the mechanism behind it by hanging on to this post for a while.

Mahasir's mudra meaning

Take a look at the etymology of the name given to this mudra. It consists of the following basic terms:

  • "Maha" refers to "great"
  • "Siris" means "head"
  • "Mudra" is "gesture or seal"

Mahasir's mudra has soothing effects on the head region, be it from pain or tension; therefore the name. It is translated as "Big Head Gesture".

End all the causes of your headache by performing this simple hasta mudra.

The given post is prepared as a practice guide for Mahasir's Mudra for everyone out there who sometimes has a heavy head.

Mahasir's Mudra Procedure

  • Sit in a comfortable meditative position or on a chair.
  • Loosen your shoulder and relax your whole body by taking deep breaths in and out.
  • Place your hands on your thighs, palms up.
  • Bring the tips of your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger together and point up.
  • Move your ring finger to the base of your thumb.
  • Stretch your little finger towards the ceiling.
  • Accept this gesture on both hands.
  • Take a deep breath and fill your stomach with air. Then exhale.
  • Watch the stomach go up and down.
  • Practice for six minutes, then relax for a while.

Duration of Mahasir's mudra

  • It is recommended that you practice this mudra for 6 minutes in one session. If someone has a severe headache, this can be done three to six times a day.
  • Mahasir's mudra is considered to be best at the end of an alternate nasal breathing or anulom vilom pranayama. It will clear out your sinuses.
  • Practice whenever you feel like it or during the headache.

Working from Mahasir's Mudra

Headache is a common health condition that affects everyone, regardless of age or gender. Ayurveda regards Vata and Pitta (two of the Doshas) as the main causes of headaches.

Each Dosha is associated with one or two of the Panchatattvas (five elements) of the body. Hence Vata contains air and ether elements. During fire and water, elements form pitta.

Mahasir's mudra relieves the practitioner by balancing and regulating the doshas-panch-tattvas fusion.

  • It is a gesture of the hand in which the fingers representative of five elements are put together and curled.
  • In this mudra, the index finger (air) and the middle finger (ether) are connected to the thumb (fire).
  • Although air and ether could not be set on fire, these elements of combination with fire heat up and calm down.
  • Therefore, Mahasir's mudra is useful in the case of a headache due to a cold.

Another reason for a headache could be overstimulation and too much fire.

  • The ring finger (earth) holds Mahasir's mudra and bends over the base of the thumb (fire).
  • This creates a grounding effect based on the fire.
  • It also extends the little finger (water) that shows the water flowing through the body throughout the exercise.
  • It has a cooling and calming effect on the head and transforms its heaviness into lightness and comfort.

Variation to relax

Mahasir's Mudra can also be performed by changing the hand position from the thighs.

  • Here the hands are held with the same finger positions so that the fingertips touch the ground.
  • It brings a feeling of grounding, harmony, and reassurance. This helps in relieving everyday tension and stress-related headaches.
  • Another slight deviation could be assumed by touching the hands on the side.
  • Mahasir's mudra can also be performed while lying in bed or wherever convenient.

Benefits of Mahasir's Mudra

1. Heals sinus problems – According to Ayurveda, the sinus is mainly due to an imbalance between Vata and Kapha doshas in the body. Holding Mahasir's mudra brings a balance between Vata and Kapha. It helps clear mucus congestion and therefore leaves healing effects on sinus problems.

2. Eases the eye burden – By relieving mental health problems such as stress, this mudra relaxes the brain and nerves towards the eyes. It has a calming effect on the practitioner's eye muscles, especially when this mudra is practiced during a meditation session.

3. Improves concentration – Mahasir's Mudra brings clarity to the mind and the ability to concentrate improves. This ultimately helps in reaching the meditative state.

4. Relieves the temporomandibular disorder – Due to the headache caused by psychological stress, physical tension builds up around the face, jaw and eyes. Mahasir's mudra relaxes the temporomandibular joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. Thus, it is beneficial in relieving TMJ disorders.


Don't stay tense because of your headache or vice versa through this stress relieving practice of Mahasir Mudra.

At any time of the day, take a few minutes for Mahasiri's mudra and enjoy its therapeutic and relaxing effects.

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