Place limits on sports activities betting promoting as a way to cease the expansion of gambling addicts | Letters


The constant advertising for sports betting is unconscionable. It lures teenagers into thinking that it’s an easy way to make money. The commercials offer all sorts of incentives to make it seem a “no lose” proposition.

There are TV ads during most sporting events, making the gambling lure more enticing, since it’s so easy to do it in real time on a phone.

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The state deemed that sports betting should be legal in order to increase its own revenue, but it should also have mandated safeguards so that our children are not exposed a constant barrage of encouragement. Do they really want our college kids to gamble away their tuition money? And what if they can’t pay their losses — do they go to jail or get their legs broken?

It is time to put limits on advertising and stop the doubling and tripling of those addicted to gambling.

Carol Kraines, Deerfield

Stop giving intelligence briefings to former presidents

The historical practice of providing past presidents with intelligence briefings as a courtesy may have been a good idea in earlier times. As such, they could provide the present administration with valuable insights into issues facing our country, based on their past experiences. All of that goes by the wayside now with ex-president Donald trump.

Who, in their right mind, would heed any advice from a president who was impeached twice, incited a riot at our Capitol and handled the coronavirus pandemic as if it were the common cold? Certainly not Joe Biden.

Former President Trump gives us a valid reason why the age-old practice of providing intel to a former president should be ceased immediately.

John Livaich, Oak Lawn

Restoring the Earth’s health

While fast food and cheap fossil fuels are great for growth, what about the heart? We need a triple bypass to restore a healthy heart and planet.

1. Bypass government subsidies for fossil fuel pollution with a carbon fee, so polluters pay.

2. Bypass political division with a nonpartisan solution that works quickly and effectively

3. Bypass red tape with a dividend, paid by polluters, to every citizen providing the means to recover.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is just what the doctor ordered. It puts a gradually rising fee on fossil fuels and returns the net proceeds to citizens in a dividend check. People can use the check to make healthier choices for themselves and the planet. What better Valentine could we give to our children than a healthier planet.

Call your representatives and encourage them to support this bill.

Mark Ailes, Lombard