Prime 5 Celebrities Who Love Taking part in Poker –


Poker is one of the fastest growing sport. Although it was faced with a lot of opposition a few decades ago, that narrative has since changed. Many countries have started to embrace it as a mainstream sport. The game received a massive boost when various online casino platforms started to incorporate it on their platforms. Whether you are playing poker in person or virtually, one thing is certain; you will always be entertained. 

If you want to stand out when playing poker, you should not only look the part but also be the part. This means that you have to possess impeccable poker skills. A good way of having great skills is being familiar with all poker hands. It is something that will help you with decision making, thus putting you ahead of your competition. 

Poker is a game that has managed to attract a number of celebrities across the globe. It is a feature that has made the game more popular. Another factor that has made poker very appealing is the availability of different variants; each type has its pros and cons. Given the massive influence that celebrity poker players have, a game show knows as Celebrity Poker Showdown was created. The show ran for five full seasons, premiering in 2003 and ending in 2006. 

Top Celebrities That Love Playing Poker

The following are some of the celebrities that are famously known for playing poker. 

Ben Affleck

Affleck is one of the most notable celebrities that has shown his love for poker publicly. His inspiration of playing the game came when his friend Matt Damon took him to the shooting of the movie Rounders, that has ap plot that revolves around high-stake poker. Ben Affleck later trained with several notable poker pros including Annie Duke, who become very instrumental in his tournaments. In 2004, Ben Affleck emerged victorious in a tournament receiving $356,400.

Matt Damon

Although Matt had a role in the movie Rounders, his love for poker started before the film. Poker Hall of Famer Johnny Chan spent many hours with the actor to chisel his role. The movie did a great job in catapulting the image of poker globally. This is actually one of the reasons many online casino sites prefer to use celebrities on their platform to appeal to the general audience. 

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a celebrity that is loved by many; his background as a comedian and an actor has enabled him to have a good poker following. His love for poker led him to join Team PokerStars Pros. Kevin is known to play in big league’s tournaments that have buy-ins ranging between $100,000 and $300,000.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is an athlete that has an impeccable track record; the former competitive swimmer has 23 Olympic gold medals which is the highest number of medals ever attained at Olympic competitions. Phelps mainly plays poker for entertainment; nevertheless, he has competed severally at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The people who have positively contributed to Michael’s poker skills include Phil Hellmuth, Jeff Gross, and Doyle Brunson. 

Andriy Shevchenko

Shevchenko is arguably the most successful footballer in the world. His dodging skills and goal-scoring capabilities made him to have a huge following. Given his tremendous career as a footballer, the former soccer player landed a lucrative advertisement deal with PokerStars. In a statement, Shevchenko said that he likes poker since it relates very well with football. He stated that both sports require numerous skill sets including tactics and psychology.

Final Thoughts

The list of celebrities that love playing poker is endless. Apart from being entertaining, poker can help people to become more productive as it requires high level of discipline to win in any match. The ability to earn money has driven many people to take the sport as a profession. The list provided above features some of the well-known individuals who can inspire you to venture into playing poker either professionally or for fun.