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Finding the right type of multivitamin can be an incredibly frustrating task. There are many options, from expensive, well-known brands to cheap imitations. What these two options lack, however, is true transparency. Ritual is a vitamin subscription service that focuses on simplicity and science.

What is ritual

Ritual offers a better approach to the multivitamin. It was designed by someone who is worried about all of the added and filling ingredients in their prenatal vitamins. The founder, Katerina Schneider, decided to make the perfect vitamin herself. And this new service brings transparency and science to every vitamin they make and sell.

Transparent multivitamins

One of the main goals of the Ritual brand was to make their vitamins extremely transparent. This subscription service has moved away from the trend in the vitamin business of obscuring its vitamins through confusing processes and formulas. Ritual promises not to add any ingredient that she and her team of scientists deem necessary.

Revised multivitamins

The other main goal of Ritual was to create a really science-based vitamin. They don't stick to "pseudosciences and half-truths" like some other vitamin brands.

Man holding ritual vitamins

What makes ritual unique?

The team at Ritual thought about how traditional vitamins failed their customers and made the product and process better. They are unique because they went against the grain.

Specific options for men, women and children

There is no one-size-fits-all multivitamin at Ritual. It includes various subscriptions of vitamins carefully prepared for different groups. Whether you choose a plan for men, women, children, or a combination, you will get high quality vitamins with high quality ingredients tailored for these groups.

Traceable ingredients

Ritual also makes it very easy to be a smart consumer. They only add the best ingredients to their products, but in a way that suits their vision of transparency.

Every ingredient that goes into your vitamins is available to you, but so is their source.

Ritual calls this their "Made Traceable ™ standards".

For example, the ritual team announces that it uses omega-3 DHA from microalgae in its vitamins. They go one step further and underline that these microalgae in Canada come from sustainable sources. Ritual believes transparency also affects their supply choices, which could affect both the consumer and the planet.

P.a lot of research

Everything about the multivitamins sold by Ritual is research backed. So convinced were they of their research and science that they created a clinical study showing the impact of their vitamins on people's health.

This study was:

  • University run
  • Placebo-controlled
  • Double blind
  • 12 weeks
  • 94 women
  • Age 21-40

Ritual has a team of scientists and researchers who study every single aspect of each vitamin line. This team works tirelessly to research ingredients and then pass them on to Ritual customers.

Smart capsule

The ritual changed the way capsules with multivitamins work. Many people have problems with traditional vitamin capsules because they can cause nausea. With Ritual's no-nausea capsule design, vitamins later dissolve in the intestine.

This capsule means that ritual vitamins can easily be taken on an empty stomach due to the delayed release.

Because of the pearl-in-oil design, you can also take fewer vitamins with Ritual. Just two tablets a day are filled with the clean ingredients you need to keep your body healthy.

These smart capsules are complemented by a mint tab in each bottle that keeps your vitamins fresh and easy to take. The mint essence is the finishing touch that guarantees a pleasant experience with a ritual multivitamin every time.

Who can use ritual?

Although ritual began as a result of the frustrations a woman had in finding the cleanest and most transparent prenatal vitamins, it has evolved into a variety of groups. Ritual makes it easy to choose a multivitamin that's right for you.

Multivitamins for everyone

Ritual has created multivitamins for men and women of different ages, as well as for children. Each option is specifically designed to support a specific group. This wide variety even makes it easy for families to bundle their monthly multivitamins.

Ritual box with men's vitamins

Ritual options for men

Rather than a one-size-fits-all option for men, Ritual offers age-specific multivitamins that contain the best nutritional supplements for those age groups.

Indispensable for men over 18 years of age

The first option for a multivitamin for men is the Essential for Men 18+ package. This multivitamin contains ingredients designed to fill nutrient gaps for men between 18 and 49 years of age.

This subscription starts at $ 30 per month.

The Essential for Men 18+ contains the following nutritional goals:

  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Normal muscle function
  • Normal immune function

Heart health is supported by pure vitamin K2 and omega-3 DHA without soy. Brain health is also supported by omega-3 DHA, which is extracted from microalgae. Vitamin D3 and magnesium support muscle function and zinc, vitamin A and vitamin D3 support immune function.

All of these ingredients can be traced through a transparent supply chain thanks to Ritual's Made Traceable ™ standards. Everything that you build into your body is known to you before purchasing Rituals Essential for Men multivitamins.

Indispensable for men aged 50 and over

Ritual also offers a subscription for men over 50. The Essential for Men 50+ offers a variety of nutritional supplements designed to fill nutrient gaps for men over 50 that can affect their overall health.

This package starts at $ 35 per month.

The Essential for Men 50+ contains the following nutritional goals:

  • Heart health
  • Bone health
  • Brain health
  • Normal muscle function
  • Normal immune function

The main addition to this multivitamin compared to Essential for Men 18+ is the addition of a bone health supplement. This multivitamin supplement complies with Ritual's Made Traceable ™ standards.

Ritual Vitamins

What is in Rituals Essential for Men?

The ritual promise is all about transparency. Every single ingredient found in Rituals Essential for Men multivitamins is carefully described on their website. This list of ingredients makes it incredibly easy to understand what you are putting into your body. With Ritual, you don't have to worry about weird names or weird fillers.

Breakdown of Ingredients:

Omega-3 DHA

Each vitamin contains 330 mg of omega-3 DHA, which supports heart health. Ritual uses a vegan certified option made from microalgae which makes it better for the environment.

From Saskatoon, Canada

Vitamin A.

The ritual contains 180 µg RAE vitamin A from retinyl palmitate. Vitamin A supports the immune system and vision health and, according to ritual, is something nearly half of adult men and teenagers don't get from their diet.

From Sisseln, Switzerland

Vitamin D

Essential for Men contains 50 µg (2000 IU) of vitamin D. Ritual uses sustainably harvested, vegan certified lichens. This choice avoids animal products such as fish liver or sheep wool. Vitamin D supports bone health by helping calcium absorption.

From Nottingham, UK


30 mg of magnesium goes into Essential for Men. Ritual chose a form that has been confirmed by clinical studies to be easier to absorb. Together, magnesium and vitamin D3 support normal muscle contraction.

From Ogden, Utah


Ritual uses 2.4 mg of zinc in its Essential for Men multivitamins. They use a bioavailable form – zinc bisglycinate chelate. Together with vitamin A, zinc supports the immune system.

From Ogden, Utah

Vitamin K2

Each vitamin contains 90 mg of vitamin K2 from a soy-free source. This vitamin supplements bone health.

From Oslo, Norway

Folic acid

The ritual contains 200 µg of DFE folic acid in their multivitamin Essential for Men. They use a methylated form because this is a more optimal option. Folate helps with DNA methylation that occurs with gene expression.

From Pisticii, Italy

Vitamin B12

Essential for Men contains 8 µg of vitamin B12 per capsule. Ritual chose a form that occurs in food and our body, as opposed to a common, non-biologically active form. Vitamin B12 supports the brain and your metabolism.

From Bridgeport, Connecticut

Vitamin E.

Ritual contains 6.7 mg of vitamin E in their multivitamins. They are using a source that is similar to the makeup of this vitamin in healthy foods. According to the ritual, a large proportion of adults and young people do not get enough of it in their diet. Vitamin E has antioxidant benefits.

From Buenos Aires, Argentina


Each Essential for Men multivitamin contains 0.7 µg boron. Ritual does not use the more common and harsher sodium borate. Based on clinical studies, they decided to use calcium fructoborate, which is found in food. Boron is a vitamin that helps calcium do what your body needs to do.

Obtained from Momence, Illinois

How exactly does ritual work?

Ritual's subscriptions aim to make it easier to take a multivitamin every day. The design of their method is an easy way to build a daily habit of taking a vitamin.

A way to build better habits

Ritual's method is simple: every month you get the right multivitamins for you every month.

Shipping is at no additional cost to you and you can let them know when you need your next delivery.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. In addition, they have a 30-day guarantee that allows you to try Ritual for a month without any conditions. If you are dissatisfied in your first month, they will give you your money back.

Ultimately, this easy-to-manage monthly subscription eases the habit of taking a multivitamin supplement every day for someone. Ritual even has a handy Apple Watch app that lets you track your progress with daily reminders.

Ritual box with vitamin delivery

Ritual vs. traditional vitamins

Ritual does things differently than traditional vitamins. This was a conscious decision to fill a void in the multivitamin industry.

What distinguishes ritual from the others?

Too many traditional vitamins don't spend time worrying about the little details. Ritual has listened to what consumers want and what they don't want to see in their daily multivitamin.

  • Every single vitamin from Ritual contains a sustained-release capsule design. This capsule helps reduce nausea caused by traditional vitamins that dissolve in the stomach too soon.
  • Each vitamin is also vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free.
  • The production of these vitamins also excludes most allergens.
  • In addition, no artificial colors or synthetic fillers are used in a ritual vitamin.
  • The focus on sustainability also distinguishes Ritual from all others.
  • They strive to source ingredients responsibly.
  • They also make bottles from recycled materials and their entire shipping process is 83% recycled materials.

Unnecessary fillers

Like other vitamin brands, Ritual refuses to compromise when it comes to fillers in their vitamins. While other vitamins may have an unnecessary filler that adds gluten or an allergen, ritual only contains what is needed. All in One Multivitamin Ritual is there to supplement your health.

Do Vitamins Really Work?

Yes, the design of ritual vitamins ensures that they work well. According to a university-led clinical study showcasing Rituals Essential for Women multivitamin, participants saw increases in vitamin D and omega-3 DHA over 12 weeks. According to Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi, Senior Director of Scientific Affairs at Ritual, these two nutrients are often under-consumed.

Ritual vitamin sits on the table


Ritual's business model makes it easy to afford a multivitamin every day. There are different pricing options as well as unique bundling packages.

Varied prices

All vitamins contain high quality ingredients without fillers. You only pay for the high quality ingredients in each capsule. The diverse pricing options underline the affordability of Ritual.

Ritual explains on their website how much their vitamins are when it comes to individual ingredients.

Some home-bought supplements could cost someone much more than the low monthly price of Ritual.

For example, buying high quality omega-3s could cost $ 25 a day. In contrast, Ritual offers a direct-to-consumer business model where a daily multivitamin is around $ 1 per day.

Varied options for men's essentials

Must-have for men 18+: $ 30
Must-have for men 50 and older: $ 35

The two options of Ritual for Men differ only slightly in price. The Essential for Men 50+ is a bit more to account for additional ingredients needed to complement various areas of a man's health. After the age of 50 there are other nutritional aspects such as bone health.

Great bundling options

Ritual also makes it easy to bundle subscriptions for different people. Men can bundle their multivitamin subscription with the women and children in their household. Bundle reduces the total price for multiple subscriptions by $ 10. With this offer, you can get a multivitamin for you and your wife for $ 50 instead of $ 60.


Ritual is the type of multivitamin that is supposed to help people take more care of their health.

The ritual team focuses on transparency with ingredients and sourcing. They also use research-based evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products. Their subscription service is affordable, specially designed for different groups, and really works. It is a multivitamin that anyone can take every day.