SBL launches main income tracker for sports activities betting


New Revenue Tracker is the internet's most in-depth look at sports betting performance metrics from state to state

TALLAHASSEE, FL, USA, February 12, 2021 / – SBL today announced the online launch of its custom, unique tool for capturing sports betting income.

With the rapid legalization of domestic sports betting both online and in retail stores, there is significant public interest in how the industry evolves from state to state.

The SBL Revenue Tracker promises to be the most up-to-date, detailed, and in-depth resource for researchers, reporters, and other interested parties who want to examine the state of the industry in real time. While other gambling revenue trackers exist, most of them have significant omissions. The SBL Revenue Tracker is the most comprehensive collection of the raw figures for each state, which are compiled and analyzed based on several important criteria.

According to a joint memo from the SBL development and research staff, the fully in-house tracker offers a number of advantages over other options available online:

“We are pleased to finally make our sports betting revenue tracker available to the public. We spent a tremendous amount of time and effort making sure that our tracker presented a large amount of data in an easily digestible way.

Anyone can go to a particular state's Gaming Control Board website and browse the monthly numbers. However, unless you have the time and resources to archive these numbers and compute them against each other, you simply won't get a complete picture of what the emerging US sports betting industry is both financially and economically capable of.

With our revenue tracker, we've put the numbers together to put everything in perspective, regardless of which question you need to answer. Not only does this unique repository make our jobs easier, but we hope it makes things a lot easier for anyone who wants to understand our exciting future for sports betting in the US. "

You can visit the SBL Revenue Tracker by selecting the option in the main menu of the SportsBetting.Legal website or by using this link:

Via the SBL Revenue Tracker

The SBL Revenue Tracker provides the most data-driven inferences about any state's performance when it comes to both stationary sports betting and domestic online sports betting. The SBL Revenue Tracker was primarily designed for industry analysts and journalists and is a useful tool for anyone interested in how individual states are doing in the sports betting industry.

The data points contained in the SBL Revenue Tracker include:

• Monthly handles
• Monthly waiting times
• Monthly tax revenue
• Monthly handle / hold / revenue comparisons
• The performance increases / decreases from month to month
• Year-over-year comparison of handle / hold / sales
• The performance increases / decreases compared to the previous year
• Monthly records of all time
• Annual records of all time
• State-to-state tax grants
• Compare sales forecasts from AGA-Oxford Economics
• State venues on the fly
• Enter the legal betting data
• State betting tax rates
• Chronological betting schedules by state
• Estimates for states that do not report sales data

About SBL

SBL (SportsBetting.Legal) is the leading website on the Internet devoted to researching and reporting on the various sports betting laws that apply to all 50 US states.

In addition, the website covers the daily betting odds of interest, news developments in the associated markets, and directs players to legal national and international sports betting destinations. Betting guides, league primers, glossaries and other relevant information are also presented for first-time bettors and seasoned players new to the online sports gaming space.
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