Second cops storm unlawful lockdown celebration and punish 26 & # 39; ridiculous & # 39; Poker participant within the condominium


This is the shocking moment cops raided a "ridiculous" illegal lockdown poker party.

Officers fined the 26 players from Covid after being crammed in the Birmingham apartment yesterday.

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The police broke up an illegal lockdown poker partyImage credit: WMP


The players tried to pretend they were just sick of itImage credit: WMP

Bodycam footage shows the floaters trying to plead with cops by claiming they threw the "little party" because they were "really fed up".

But the officers didn't seem to benefit – one slammed the bold rule breakers.

The policeman tells them, "This is a clear breach of coronavirus restrictions.

"This is ridiculous. Fifteen hundred people died today. You will all be fined if you are here.

"We need your details, we will process them one by one, then you can go out the door, but we need to know who owns the apartment."


The party came after lockdown revelers were warned they could face fines of £ 800 for attending a house party as new regulations went into effect last night.

Anyone attending an illegal indoor party or rave with 15 people will be subject to the fine four times the previous fine.

The police will continue to impose fines for any illegal gathering of two or more people.

These start at £ 200 for a first offense but increase to £ 10,000 for organizers of gatherings larger than 30 people.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the new tougher measures last week as the government continues its fight to get the coronavirus under control.

She said at the time: "The science is clear – such irresponsible behavior poses a significant threat to public health.


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"Not only for those present, but also for police offices that have closed them."

West Midlands Police confirmed that they are now hunting the poker party organizer.

The troop tweeted, "Thank you everyone for continuing to follow the current restrictions by staying home, keeping your distance and ultimately saving lives and the NHS."

The police imposed 26 fines


The police imposed 26 finesImage credit: WMP
The poker players had drawn the blinds


The poker players had drawn the blindsImage credit: WMP
Covid's fines have been increased to £ 800


Covid's fines have been increased to £ 800Image credit: WMP
Cops find Covidiot students hiding in a CUPBOARD after 50 people rushed into the Birmingham apartment for the lockdown party