Skilled gambling: Ideas from the professionals


For many people, gambling is a hobby – with some perhaps taking it a step too far.

However, as well as the above, we also have people who treat this as a full-time profession. These individuals aren’t chancers who have struck lucky on some big bets, they know what they are doing and know what it takes to beat the bookies (pardon the cliché).

Of course, it’s far from easy. After all, if it were a case of sitting on the couch and winning bets all day, everyone would be doing it. On the contrary, it’s a slog, although there are ways to maximize your chances of success. Today’s post will focus on how you can do this, as we take a look at some of the most important tips around if you want to become part of the professional gambling group.

It’s not always about picking winners

One of the biggest misconceptions about professional gambling is that you are always going to pick winners. As it turns out, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality about professional gambling is picking value. You might find that a lot of these bets are not successful, but due to the fact you are finding value in your bets this doesn’t matter.

It means you need to understand the odds, through something like The Bet Calculator, before then researching (more on that later) and finding out what the true odds should be.

For example, you might be backing Liverpool every week in the Premier League, but so are most other punters (at least, they were statistically in 2018). Ultimately, the bookies know this, and the odds are ridiculously low. Sure, you might win most times, but this isn’t a value bet due to your rate of return.

Instead, most value bets sit outside these top divisions.

The truth about value bets

We really could pen a dissertation on value bets, as this is where the money sits for professional gamblers. Sure, you might not have a clue about non-league football in France, but the great thing is that most bookmakers aren’t putting much attention there either. It means that there is a lot more chance they are going to misinterpret the odds. Not only that, but as the markets are smaller, the odds are less likely to be punter-influenced.

Ultimately, if you are only going to take one tip from today, search high and far for your sporting events to bet on. The more mainstream it is, the less chance there is of value being within the bet.

Learn about bankroll management

It’s all well and good finding value bets, but as we have already alluded to you are not going to win every single one. It means that a solid bankroll management system is a must, and you shouldn’t be staking more than a small percentage of your bankroll for each bet. You might go through phases of losing ten, or even more, bets on the spin. If you are just betting between 1% and 5% of your bankroll, this isn’t going to destroy your new career in an instant though.