The Finest Free Yoga Movies for September


The seasonal shift to autumn creates an opportunity to bring our focus inward and reflect on the abundance of summertime. The expansive and active energy of summer can be depleting, so the fall is a vital time to re-energize, renew, and revitalize. The erratic and unpredictable nature of Autumn can be counteracted with a yoga practice focused on grounding and nourishing poses. Fortunately, many of the yoga videos in this month’s collection of free YouTube videos will support your body, mind, and heart as we transition into the fall season.

Easy Full Body Yoga Flow by Yoginimelbourne

This gentle yoga practice focuses on mobilizing and increasing flexibility in the whole body. The 27-minute video begins in Supine Bound Angle pose and continues with nourishing poses and movements on your back for the first half of the video. The class ends with Bound Angle and Shavasana. The intention of this yoga video is to leave you “feeling more open and spacious in the body and mind.”

Full Body & Heart Yoga Class To Melt Uncertainty by Boho Beautiful

The goal of this class is to “connect deeper to our heart and inner self to release any stress or anxiety our of your body and mind.” This 24-minute practice begins with a meditation in Hero pose. After several breaths in childs pose, the class moves into some warmups and then into a Sun Salutation based sequence featuring Humble Warrior pose. The class ends with Shavasana and a short meditation.

Mindful Tone & Stretch Yoga Flow by Jessica Richburg

This 40-minute yoga flow begins with a seated meditation and then transitions into a standing sequence. There are a few challenging poses in the practice, like Side Plank, that are used to increase your strength. Several breath and body connection techniques are used in the class to bring you into the present moment. The video ends in a long Child’s pose and a seated meditation.

Yoga for Flexibility ( Twists & Folds ) by Yoga With Bird

This 15-minute video “incorporates various beginner-friendly twists and folds while offering modifications to make each yoga pose accessible.” To fully participate in this practice, you will need two yoga blocks and two firm pillows or folded large blankets. The sequence ends with a supine belly twist and a short Shavasana.

Balance and Strength Flow with Cole Chance by YOGATX

This 20-minute class was designed to build strength and improve balance. The sequence is composed of all standing postures, beginning and ending in Mountain pose. This is a fun and creative flow with several exciting variations and transitions that experienced yogis will enjoy.

Slow & Powerful Vinyasa Flow by YogaCandi

This 40-minute intermediate-level class uses minimal cues and long holds to “build strength and connect with the breath.” The class begins in Downward Dog pose, and the first half of the sequence moves through a sequence of standing poses. The sequence peaks with a deep side bend in Compass Pose and ends with a Supine Twist, Shavasana, and short seated meditation.

Yoga Flow to Boost Energy & Immunity by David O Yoga

Practice with this 18-minute yoga video to increase your energy and strengthen your immune system. The class’s intention is to encourage you to “deepen your breath, and stretch and strengthen your whole body from your head to your toes.” The sequence contains all seated poses and five “Hindu pushups” to build strength and resilience.

Yoga For Hips by Cat Meffan

Mobility is the place between flexibility and strength. This 20-minute practice uses creative movement to focus on increasing the mobility in your hips. Experienced yogis will be delighted by the fun, challenge, and unique transitions and pose variations in this video. If you have tight hips, a set of blocks is recommended for the class.

Yoga for Tight Hips by Gayatri Yoga

This 20-minute yoga flow begins with some warm-ups in Cat-Cow pose and progresses through a sequence of seated poses to gently stretch the hamstrings, outer hips, glutes, hip flexors, and quadriceps. Check out this video if you are needing a short yet grounding practice to release tension and tightness in the hips.

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