The plan to increase authorized gambling in Arizona is the primary hurdle that sports activities groups face, in response to native information


"In the years since the ruling, we have seen other states implement sports betting significantly and what that means for the financial health of the participating teams," she told lawmakers. "We can't drop Arizona." behind putting our sports teams at a considerable disadvantage in a highly competitive market. & # 39; & # 39;

Andrew Diss, speaking for the Arizona Coyotes, said his team, like many others, suffered significant losses when the pandemic resulted in a shortened season and later when the game resumed, but mostly with no fans present.

But he said there was some kind of surprise for franchisees. "While there have been massive losses in traditional revenue streams, one area where there has been a significant increase has been in sports betting in states where it is legal," Diss said.

"Even though they weren't able to pack the stands, it was clear that the fans were still watching at home," he continued. "And they placed bets."

What's in HB 2772 and a Senate mirror bill of SB 1797 is half of a deal Governor Doug Ducey made with Tribes as they renegotiate the gaming packages first approved in 2002.

In essence, the tribes would be given opportunities for additional sites for casinos and the right to play new games like craps and roulette. They too could do sports betting.