"We need to grow to be a Netflix within the gambling world." – European Gaming Trade Information


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Parimatch is building a technological entertainment platform that will change the face of the betting industry. The company's aim is to move away from the classic idea of ​​the bookmaker and to become a gaming and entertainment platform. The company made its first move in the fall when it did the new game Footboss. Parimatch CPO Sergey Berezhnoy explains how a simple, session-based game will forever change the way we think about betting.

Footboss: the concept

The ultimate goal of Footboss is to free ten large football stadiums from the grip of invading giants. The key figure in the game is the coach, whose daily job is to train his players to score winning penalties and practice unconventional tactics.

At first glance, the game might seem simple, but with each new session, players discover new ways to improve their skills and chances of winning. Randomly distributed rewards and tasks give the journey unexpected twists and turns – always expect the unexpected: different objects, different quests and different heroes. And then there's the added interest of Loot boxes: a kind of "child surprise for adults".

Playing Footboss for just five minutes every day can help you improve your soccer team's skills, learn about the weak spots of your huge rivals, score wins and win real prizes – Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacBook Air 13 ", Sony PS4 , iPad Air 10.5 ", to name a few.

How Footboss is refreshing the betting world

Footboss has been suggested as an exciting alternative to promoting Euro 2020. In addition to focusing on high chances of winning, bonuses and competitive margins, we have decided to offer players a variety and new emotions.

Gamification and betting are not a completely new approach. Even the official APL app has an integrated fantasy league that combines reality and the virtual world.

We went a step further and came up with something that similar games don't – we intertwined the game world with the real world of football. We wanted the players to have fun writing their own football story.

Thanks to Footboss, players have returned to Parimatch not only to place bets or check the odds, but also to take a break, win a game or two, and win a prize in the process. The game is session-based for one reason: players don't get stuck playing. After a few boss fights, it's easy to go straight back to what you did.

Footboss as a non-trivial bonus for players

Footboss is not about money. It's more about emotions and brand loyalty. The game is completely free. All you need to get started is a Parimatch account. We have chosen the “Free to Play” model for the gameplay: the more you play, the more progress you make for free. In this model, the status of the player is not essential – what matters is the desire to play.

We wanted Footboss players to experience new emotions when interacting with the platform. In addition to the emotions, we incorporated the loot box mechanics to add gifts that included prizes ranging from gaming devices to iPhones and MacBooks.

Immerse yourself in the game world and a new betting experience

Footboss is a refreshing experience that combines relaxed gameplay with a love of football. Together with their team, the players make football history as they wander through Europe's stadiums. Although the game is pure fiction, it is full of football: the best player on the team is Terminalaldo, a character very similar to the real Cristiano.

We presented that unique The fantasy world of the game as part of the advertising campaign for Euro 2020. The transfer of playable characters to the semi-real film world increased the commitment considerably, as the game concept proved to be feasible despite the cancellation of the championship.

In this story, betting is more of a bonus than a necessity. The trainer offers additional tasks, e.g. B. a bet on esports, soccer, hockey or basketball. Such involvement helps the players to get through the game faster and get items in the game, but does not have to be.

Reach the competitive target group segment

Footboss entered the segment of the audience driven by the desire to win: the players immediately battled for number one. We noticed the race in the leaderboard and decided to give motivated players more opportunities to prove themselves through quests in the game.

Results of the game start

Over 100,000 players participated in the first version of the game, in which they fought over 1,000,000 battles and completed more than 350,000 quests. During the 36 days of the promotion, players opened 405,834 boxes of loot with hundreds of real Parimatch prizes.

Although Footboss is session-based and designed for five minutes of play, some players scored 10 hours of play and finished the game four times.

We consider the launch a success as we have given players new experiences, expanded the platform's capabilities and identified growth points for interaction between gaming and betting.

Entertainment platforms are the future

In the first test run we only tried ten percent of the game mechanics from our arsenal. So far, we've built a conditional "stadium" where new battles will unfold: new seasons and championships, quests, stories, characters and content. We will also integrate other sports and games of chance.

We plan to add new mechanics like PVP so players can compete against each other. The PVP format will enhance engagement and variety of gameplay through battle emotions, new team lineups, item sets, and tactics. We are also thinking about integrating current events from the world of sports in connection with betting promotions.

COVID-19 has impacted the whole world and has become a powerful impetus for betting to move forward. Parimatch goes beyond the classic competitive model – we are already building an entertainment product for games of chance. Thanks to game integration, we are changing the way bets are perceived and giving players new emotions.

Parimatch continues its innovation path in betting and is already introducing exciting new approaches to gambling.